6 Countries That Ban Online Gambling in Year 2020

6 Countries That Ban Online Gambling in Year 2020

Gambling has long been in society, but some still disapprove of the idea because of social issues and religious beliefs. The following list shows some countries that ban online gambling and who strongly oppose gambling or have recently been strict about it, particularly online casinos.

Cambodia – Ban Online Gambling

This country is once one of the biggest in e-gaming markets. It had ceased to operate when Cambodia’s authoritarian government terminated online casinos’ operation, which started on January 1, 2020. Their services cater mostly to Chinese people. The termination was due to abuse and illegal practices done in casinos like money laundering.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Generally, Islamic countries prohibit gambling, but you’ll be surprised to see online gambling sites still offer their services for Arab players. Some allow sports-betting, bingo, and lotteries. However, in the UAE, you should be careful because they impose severe penalties for gambling violations.

North Korea

They strictly prohibit both online and offline gambling within their local citizens. However, tourists outside their country are allowed with supervision from them. They currently have one land-casino currently located in Pyongyang.

Lebanon – Ban Online Gambling

The laws of Lebanon give strict rules that forbid any form of gambling. The government can even block other sites that try to offer gambling in their country. Still, one online casino and one land-based casino can run in the country. Moreover, a cruise ship with a casino in it could take people out into international waters and gamble, free from Lebanon laws.


Generally, the country strictly prohibits gambling. However, the government gives some clubs or organizations exceptions to do activities such as sports betting. These include Singapore Pools, Singapore Totalisator, and Singapore Turf Club.

The Law also considers land-based gambling illegal, but you’ll find some operators who have been given exemptions by the government. Otherwise, they will penalize you for gambling operations.

Qatar – Ban Online Gambling

You’ve seen how the previous countries listed bans gambling but somewhat has some loopholes which don’t exclude gambling in some criteria. However, if you want to know which country is the strictest, here it is. This country bans all forms of gambling, as well as sports betting. While governments have been lenient to sports betting, this country is having none of it.

The people of Qatar have been setting-up underground gambling sites to serve their gambling needs. However, if people are caught patronizing these activities, they will suffer the consequences.


Gambling has been a hobby and addiction for many people. It has a potential benefit in society, but a liability when abused. Some countries might have different opinions on gambling based on their beliefs and status, and we should respect their laws.

Being aware and cautious of the country’s rules and regulations is your responsibility if you plan on visiting one. Otherwise, you might be in big trouble for not being responsible enough.

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