Jungle jim el dorado


Jungle Jim el dorado is a high-quality, 5-reel, fully-roller video slot machine that originally released in Australia in 1985. The name “Jungle Jim” was given to the machine due to the fact that it is frequently referred to as “The Jungle” in either casual or online conversations about video slots. A number of changes were made to the original Jungle Jim during its run, most notably the addition of a second deck that was removable. This second deck allowed players who enjoyed the single player version of the game the opportunity to play in a “doubles” slot, where they could place two coins in the machine instead of one to increase their chances of hitting more jackpots.

The addition of the second deck increased the payout at this version of the jungle Jim slot machine but raised the casino game’s jackpot ceiling significantly. In addition, the inclusion of the “scatter” symbol on the screens behind each slot had an added affect. Players who tended to hit the “low ceiling” were suddenly being challenged to make it higher by playing against a set of small, cascading reels. This made the payoff per hit greater but also raised the frequency with which multi-line bets could be placed.

While the casino was not taking advantage of the new technology that was available for video slots, the addition of the attached reels did provide a bit of competition to the popular jungle Jim el dorado slot machine. As expected, the reels began protruding from the sides of the machine as soon as the slot opened up and became fully operational, forcing players to move their machines around in search of a suitable arrangement. The rapid growth of mobile slot machines took hold of this phenomenon and soon, even completely enclosed reels were common place. This meant that it became necessary to find a way to protect the reels against the impact of the slot machines as they moved around the casino floor. Enter the world of air-conditioned, sound Amplified sound.

Sound Amplified slots seemed like a good idea, given that their frequency of use would make any noise above twenty-five decibels far too disturbing to be enjoyable for players. The el Dorado Resort and Casino was not among the first casinos to adopt this approach, however, and instead, continued to use its traditional slots. A year later, however, the casino changed again, adding a second casino to the grounds. While the adjacent slots had the same basic components as the original el Dorado slots, they included a separate band of five “hot slots” as well as three “cold slots.” The hot spot was initially designed to accommodate the use of larger denomination cash, but the addition of the additional slots gave it another opportunity to make the game more interesting.

As it happened, one of the regular customers on the casino’s regular shift was very interested in learning how to win real money from video slots. Jim el Dorado thought it would be a good idea to put together a little instructional class for the man. To his surprise, however, the casino’s human resource director told him that he didn’t actually have the “legal authority” to teach anyone. Jim informed the director that he was a U.S. citizen and that he had been planning to take a trip to Jamaica the next weekend and would therefore need permission to teach the class. The human resource director informed Jim that there was no “legal reason” that they could not allow him to teach the class as long as they ensured that all of the students in the class were over the age of eighteen.

Jim el dorado was not disappointed. He then set about to teach the class himself. As he put it, he and his guest teachee “spun” to “achieve” spins and multipliers. In his words, he hoped that the lessons learned would help the student “achieve” more spins and multipliers and that he would thus “achieve” a higher score on his casino game.

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