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African legends

  The African legends slot machine is different from the other slot machines found in casinos. This particular machine has a unique five-reel system and no reference reel for each...

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Jungle jim el dorado

  Jungle Jim el dorado is a high-quality, 5-reel, fully-roller video slot machine that originally released in Australia in 1985. The name "Jungle Jim" was given to the machine due...

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Assassin moon

  The game of Assassin Moon is a casino game with the main objective of asking a crowd to guess the hidden symbols within a square grid of black and...

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Aquatic treasures

  If the idea of playing slots is seducing you then the Aquatic treasures slot machine is what you need. This casino game is a combination of two games that...

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Fortress charge

  Instead of the usual bonus features on most casino games, the six reels of Fortress Charge: Reel Quest is filled only with minigames. Each one has a specific quest...

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