Top 5 Celebrities Who Dominate Casinos

Top 5 Unexpected Popular Celebrities Who Dominate Casinos

Many celebrities get their money out of their excellent acting skills, but would you believe that they also have gambling skills? Most of the celebrities who dominate casinos are accumulating millions of dollars from just playing. However, some got hooked on gambling activities that they get sent to rehabs. Here is a list of celebrities that might surprise you because you’ve never imagined them dominating the casinos.

Celebrities Who Dominate Casinos

Ben Affleck

He is an award-winning actor and director who went into rehab for his addiction to gambling. His favorite gambling games are online poker and blackjack. He got so good in playing that he won the 2014 California State Poker Championship and banned playing blackjack in Las Vegas casino in 2014. He also plays with his best friend, Matt Damon, who is now more passionate and regularly appears to win often in casinos.

Tobey Maguire

The original Spiderman actor has a poker and alcohol addiction and got into rehab at 19. He learned poker from a poker player champion who won six times in the World Series. He mastered the Texas Hold’em Poker that won him more than 10 million dollars in tournaments.

People accused him of fraud at the time when he won around $300,000 in 2011 from Brad Ruderman, a famous investor.

Charlie Sheen

This leading comedy actor in the series “Two and a Half Men.” He profits at $1.8 million per episode, allowing him the luxurious lifestyle of spending in casinos. However, according to his ex-wife, he loses a lot of money in sports betting.

50 Cent

This famous rapper-actor, known in betting at extreme sports like boxing and basketball, has won in big-time bets twice. Once he bet $2 million bets on the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, he gambled on Mayweather’s win and won. He also won when he placed 500,000 dollars bet on the New York Giants. He won when the New York Giants defeated the San Franciso 49ers.

Pamela Anderson

Celebrities Who Dominate Casinos - PamelaThis female star-glamor model was also addicted to gambling. This former Baywatch star loves playing casino slots and poker. Her poker debt rose to about $250,000 in a Las Vegas Casino that she married Rick Salomon to help her settle it.


These notable artists not only get their money from their acting, singing, or modeling skills, but they also try to set aside some of their extra money to grow it. Although some got too addicted and got out of hand, they sent themselves into rehabs to recover from addiction.

You, like these famous artists, can also have gambling out of hand. It is essential to be responsible when it comes to gambling. It is fun and entertaining, but you should always limit your wagers to an amount you can comfortably lose so you can be safe from financial crises and even psychological issues.

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