Winning in Slots – Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Chances

How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning in Slots

Playing slot games is one of the most popular and easy to do activities in casinos. Emerging online casinos also have a considerable variety in video slots and are now becoming more popular nowadays. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your chances of winning in slots.

Experiences from frequent slot players have brought some patterns that generated tips and tricks we can apply to slot gaming. We know how we depend on luck when it comes to these casino games, but there's no harm in trying to increase our chances.

Slot Machine Pattern – Winning in Slots

Casinos set this pattern as a business strategy, where they place jackpots within the first few bets in slots. They call this the “taste,” to entice people to play more as they anticipate getting the same winning jackpot result again. You may be encouraged by a casino's comments when they say, “better luck next time,” or “wow, you're lucky, keep pushing it.” These encouraging comments they give is a strategy to keep you staying longer and keep playing.

Losing streaks will start to dominate the slots once you stay longer, playing in the same slot game. When you experience losses, you may start feeling the urge to chase your losses using the same slot. You may come across another jackpot after playing for another hour or two.

You can try the three to five spins first, then quit and withdraw your winnings to move on to the next, regardless of the results, which is a regular pattern that has been noticed by veteran casino slot players.

Low Bankroll in High Limit Slots

You risk some money in playing casino games, and some might even exhaust their bankrolls for fast gains. Nevertheless, you may also lose an awful lot of it. By dividing your bets and playing the five spin first bet in slots, you increase your odds.

With low bankrolls come small bets in spins. You may devote more time and effort on this, but you can also increase your chances. You may end up profiting from your bets slowly but surely.

Choosing Slot Machines – Winning in Slots

High limit slots with various jackpot offers have a higher chance for returns than low-limit ones with little but lofty prized jackpot promises.

You may also want to prefer playing slots that have not been used for a substantial amount of time. Some newly renovated casinos refresh their slot cycles, while running casinos refresh for a considerable period, depending on the casino.


You may try these tips and tricks and see if they work. Sometimes they also depend on how much you're willing to wager off. Make sure that you only set in the bankroll the extra money that you are comfortable losing. Although these tips won't give a 100% guarantee, the proven pattern from expert slot machine players has shared their secrets on increasing your chances.

If you play gambling only for the fun emotional high you can get and the entertainment it brings, and not much for the profit, these tips may not be for you. These tips increase your profit chances but, in return, would require effort. In contrast, just playing with pure luck for the sake of having fun would be more enjoyable and hassle-free, but it may lower your chances of profit as the casino is wired to gain more than it gives.

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